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Don’t just remove your makeup, let your skin benefit from it! 




Applying makeup has therapeutic effects to most of us girls. If you don’t trust me,try this, when your angry or sad instead of that adult coloring books which is trending so much now, try applying some good lipstick (your favorite shade), or even better go for a full make up, it can instantly make you forget everything else! But I don’t think we feel the same about removing it! Removing your makeup is one heck of a job, especially those water proof ones! Some things don’t even want to get off our face, like this liquid lipstick I have reviewed some days back. And we all know it is a crime to go to sleep with your make up on (haha). Seriously removing makeup is so important for your skin to remain healthy. Otherwise using all the homemade masks or expensive skin care products will not show any results. I am not intending to say more about all it because we always get this advice from one and all. Moreover if I start, I will have to dedicate an entire post on it. So lets just talk about make up removers. Which is your favorite make up remover? What do you do when you run out of your favorite makeup remover? Do you choose any substitutes or diy makeup removers? (more…)




 Have you been working out so hard for more than 6 months now but you have not seen any result so far? Have you been skipping that dessert since Christmas but you are still desperately looking at that sagging stomach? Have you been aiming and rushing to lose weight for the summer season but you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Amy Kitchingman, official presenter for Physique TV’s On The Go, former Miss Great Britain and the new media influencer for the humongous brand Victoria’s Secret sports collection enumerates 4 of the most common weight loss myths that can deceive you, with or without April Fool’s Day.




FACT: Green tea is definitely one of nature’s best gifts to mankind as it fights toxins, improves mental alertness and helps aid weight loss, but this doesn’t mean that all green tea products that are on the market are good for you.

I’ve seen green tea candy with 50 calories per candy, green tea chocolate with more than 100 calories, green tea chips with more than 200 calories per pack and the worst of them all – the green tea shake that has more than 500 calories per cup as much as a burger with fries!

Green tea is amazing but only in its purest form. The next time you see ‘green tea’ products, Read the back of the label. If theres anything in there that you cant pronounce,(and this rule goes for pretty much everything) and  doesn’t sound like it comes straight from the green tea plant then put it down.



FACT: Although diet food may contain less calories, you have to think about all the nasties ( E numbers and chemicals we cant even pronounce) that have to go inside them to make them taste like the original version. Personally, I keep away from diet food and prefer to eat plenty of the right food,organic foods, in their natural state. Not only is this going to help me maintain my diet long term instead of binging on diet foods, that really aren’t going to satisfy my bodies nutritional needs. But natural foods are going to help my hair, teeth and skin look great too, as well as my waistline.



FACT: This is probably the worst myth that anyone can believe and sadly there are still many people who believes it. Starving or skipping meals is the greatest mistake that you can do to your body. Our body is like a machine and it needs regular fuel to be able to work. Instead of creating a habit that may lead to disorders such as anorexia, try to develop a healthy eating routine in small portions such as 3 light meals and 2 snacks a day composed of fruits and nuts.

If you’re combining your diet with a work out you also need to be able to fuel that workout affectively. So feed your body!



FACT: When people say they are starting a diet, I always ask their near term goals, which are usually to loose weight. And then the long term goals which are usually to keep the weight they have lost off. But to enable this to happen, you need to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Not just a quick fix of the latest trending diet. These fads are never going to leave you with the long term results you want.

Adapting to an overall healthy lifestyle will help you achieve what it is you want, and help you maintain it. I lost a substantial amount of weight over 4 months but those changes that I made back then to enable me to loose the weight in the first place I still practise now.

Achieving your fitness goals is not a race, its about how you can make them benefit you the longest.


Tackling Thinning hair one vial at a time


Crescina Re-Growth HFSC 100% helps to stimulate the natural hair re-growth

Hair has always been considered an important part of a woman’s identity. Which is why panic ensues when we see strands of hair falling or globs of hair in the shower drain.

Thinning hair is becoming a growing problem amongst women due to several factors such as hormonal imbalance, balding gene, aging, using the wrong hair care products and the list goes on. To combat thinning hair, Crescina has introduced Crescina Re-Growth HFSC 100% which stimulates the bulb cells to produce new hair (Keratin).  The re-growth treatment is available in packaging of 10 vials each containing 3.5 ml of Crescina.

Different dosages of Crescina are formulated for different degrees;

  • For Initial Grades: Light or advanced thinning. Dosage 200
  • For Medium Grades: Serious thinning; Incipient Baldness and advanced incipient baldness. Dosage 500
  • For High Grades: Thinning similar to incipient baldness + vertex; advanced frontal baldness + vertex; extensive baldness. Dosage 1300

Key ingredients include CYSTEINE and LYSINE which are fundamental components of keratin. GLYCOPROTEIN, which accelerates the metabolism of the bulb cells and STEM-ENGINE COMPLEX which creates in the follicle a proper environment for stem cells that are responsible for new hair re-growth.

A Swiss patent formula for stimulating the physiological regrowth of hair, Crescina treatment is a product with FDA approval for hair growth, thinning hair and hair loss, which is sold only through selected pharmacies.

Crescina is available from leading pharmacies across the UAE, including Bin Sina from AED 790. For more information please visit:

Crescina_Pack_HFSC 0017
Crescina_Pack_HFSC 0017
Crescina_Pack_HFSC 0017
Crescina_Pack_HFSC 0017







thebesutymascot/white room spa


If you have been to the Jumeirah Lake Towers, you might already be in love with this part of Dubai, with beautiful man-made lakes, pedestrian-friendly walkways, some of  Dubai’s amazing spas for both men and women and a huge number of cafés and restaurants serving cuisines from around the world. Each time I see the lakes, I am awestruck by its beauty and wonder how real they look! If you haven’t  paid a visit to this latest hotspot  of Dubai, its high time now! I will give you one other fantastic reason why JLT must be in your weekend plans.Today I am going to talk about a hidden gem in the JLT, a white one (Haha) The White Room Spa.

The White Room Spa is located at the lake-side of Al Seef tower 3 in cluster U of the JLT. White Room Spa has two other locations too, in Dubai Marina and also Motor city.I think the JLT branch is the best since they have more treatments available in this branch and the beauty of the JLT adds to your experience.

Once you enter the main entrance of the White Room Spa, you find a very small reception where two beautiful girls are always ready to give their best smiles and help you out wherever possible. There are a number of nail polishes in all possible shades arranged in rows near the reception. They have nail paints from Essie and Ciaté London.


thebeautymascot/white room spa
The Beautiful Receptionist

thebeautymascot/white room spa


To the left of the reception is a door which opens to the mani-pedi stations. The moment you step inside the spa, you get a calm and relaxed feeling! Mainly due to the beautiful and serene interiors which is mostly white (as the name indicates), white walls, white marble floors and white furniture. The cute pink pillow on top of the  white leather couches add a pop of color. There are a very few products placed neatly on the rack and some towels stacked beautifully which are again white.


thebeautymascot/white room spa
The door opens…

thebeautymascot/white room spa


We know a great ambiance is so important for a spa, it instantly  lifts up your mood and makes your spa experience even more special. The White Room Spa scores full points in it, the whole setup is simple, everything so neat and tidy. There is a certain amount of tranquility all over. The white everything  does the trick.


thebeautymascot/white room spa


Facial treatment at the White Room Spa

I had an appointment for two treatments, a facial and a manicure. The first treatment I received was a very rejuvenating facial,the Le Grand Classique facial treatment, which is a fundamental facial to indulge in once a month to keep the skin healthy and in top condition.

Price for the facial is 350 AED and takes 90 minutes.

The facial was done in a therapy room (obviously) which is a darker room with very dim light! Now we all want it to be dark. The walls are covered by tiles which are brown and dark brown, everything in the room was neatly kept . I loved the big mirror in the room.


thebeautymascot/white room spa
The therapy room

Thebeautymascot/white room spa


The best thing about the White Room Spa is that they use products from the Yon-ka Paris range for their treatments. Yon-Ka is a spa favorite and many hollywood actors swear by it. Yon-ka products are made of ingredients like thyme, lavender, rosemary and geranium essential oils blended with plant extracts. So you can assume the treatment is going to be so energizing and refreshing and not to mention the soothing experience due to the aromatic essential oils.

My facial was done by Ella and she is excellent at it. She started of by giving a short massage to my hands using the soothing Yon-Ka range. Then she asked me to inhale the product which smelled something like menthol and  was so soothing and relaxing. She then removed my make up and then using a cleanser thoroughly cleaned my face. She then used a toner, and later a scrub, which I really loved because it had no granules or particles, nothing at all.  After about two minutes Ella removed the scrub (and also the dead skin cells) by peeling off gently. Next step was exfoliation  followed by blackheads/whiteheads extraction. The next step is my favorite, a relaxing massage for face, neck and neck line. And Ella’s one touch proves how experienced she is! The massage was so gentle, I felt so sleepy. Then she massaged the eye contours, which was much needed for a sleep-deprived mommy like me. After the massage,it was time for the mask. The mask was a purifying and hydrating mask. Once the mask was removed, a very hydrating moisturizer was massaged on to the skin.

The next highlight of this treatment was the neck and upper back massage after the face treatment. The massage relieved all my tensions and I was in pure tranquility. I liked that throughout the treatment Ella didn’t talk much. Now, who wants to talk  amidst a relaxing and pampering session. All we want is relax and relax. But Ella definitely  made it a point to let me know each step she was doing.  To be honest, I didn’t want the facial to end, I want to stay there forever.

Once I stepped out of the treatment room, I was a different person, more relaxed and calm. I almost forgot everything else. It was like meditation for my skin.

Results of the Le Grand Classique facial

After my  facial was done, my skin felt so refreshed and pampered. My skin was soft and smooth. Now that its been a few days after the session, my skin still feels soft, my skin tone is improved and my skin is glowing.



thebeautymascot/white room spa


Next I had to do my nails. I was taken to the manicure station and we are back to the sophisticated white world. A soothing music was playing which is a concentration production music. I loved the candles which were placed at the side of the mani-pedi stations. The whole set-up was mind blowing. Ritu did my nails and it was so pretty.  Ritu was a very friendly person and she really knows how to do her job well. Ritu also gave a hand and shoulder massage, which was so good.

Price for a manicure session is 65 AED and takes 30 minutes.


thebeautymascot/white room spa
I am so obsessed with candles!

Final verdict 

I really enjoyed the experience at the White Room Spa! The Le Grand Classique facial treatment was so refreshing and rejuvenating. My skin definitely felt pampered and is glowing till now. I also liked the neck and upper back massage which was complimentary. Speaking about the manicure, it was perfect and beautiful. The spa itself is a great experience! I highly recommend The White Room Spa Dubai.

If you prefer to know about all the treatments available or the location of the White Room Spa please check their website by clicking the link.

Disclaimer: I was invited as their guest to try out the treatments free of charge, but  the opinions expressed in this post are honest  and not influenced by the White Room Spa in any way.



Hi everyone!

thebeautymascot/inglot hd lip tint


Lips without lipstick is like cake without frosting. I don’t remember from where I read the line, I agree its funny but how apt it is. Lipsticks are a girl’s true love and liquid lipsticks are so much in trend right now.So lets talk about one amazing liquid lipstick,  the inglot HD lip tint matte.

I don’t own much products from inglot. But after trying the lip tint I am totally in love with inglot and definitely trying more products from the brand. So good it is. Lets not waste time and start talking about the amazing HD lip tint matte.


thebeautymascot/inglot hd lip tint matte

Inglot says

HD Lip Tint Matte is a trendy lip product that will provide full coverage and a silky matte finish. The product ensures a long lasting effect, does not smudge and is transfer resistant. A handy little sponge makes the lip tint easy to apply, while intense colours will compliment any makeup or skin tone.

Available in 10 colours, ranging from subtle nudes to classic reds and darker statement shades.

All INGLOT’s HD products contain HD pigments. Ideal for everyday use, these products may also be used for filming in high definition, ensuring the makeup looks flawless even on a big screen.

My review of the inglot HD lip tint matte

The lip tint matte comes in a rectangular tube, transparent so the color is easily visible through it. I like the black cap of the tube, which gives a classy look to it.The sponge applicator that comes with the inglot HD lip tint matte is amazing as it is small, so perfect for precise application and a single swipe with it gives a beautiful coverage.

The shade I am reviewing today is shade 11 which is a cool pink shade something like a coral pink. They have 10 other colors available and I also have the shade 17, which is the nude in the set. The shade 11 as I said is a beautiful pink shade, perfect for spring (Yay! spring has finally showed up) and also for summer season. Once you apply the lip tint on your lips it takes just a few seconds to set, and when dried the liquid lipstick becomes non-sticky, which is great. It has a matte finish but does not dry up your lips at all! The pigmentation is brilliant, covers even pigmented lips. The best thing about the inglot HD lip tint is that it doesn’t transfer at all when set. Now when I tell you its matte and does not transfer, you might think it will dry out your lips, but believe me, its not, it is mildly moisturizing. Once set you don’t even know it’s there,so comfortable and light. And don’t worry about creasing or feathering!Liquid lipsticks are generally believed to be long lasting and this one is no exception. I have worn this one for 7 hours. In this 7 hours I had heavy meals, uncountable coffees (and all other things I normally do) and to my surprise, the color remained.

Another thing which impressed me is that the inglot HD lip tint matte is from their HD range which claims of containing HD pigments. I agree that it photographs really well.

The price of inglot HD lip tint matte is 110AED.

Available at inglot stores and online inglot  also at Amazon

Inglot HD lip tint matte( shade 11) Swatch


thebeautymascot/inglot hd lip tint matte

Overall verdict

A lipstick that survives even the heaviest meal, which does not stain your coffee mug☕️ (and your man’s face?), which does not allow even the darkest lips to show through and you don’t have to sneakily check your mobile cam? or keep on asking some one if your lipstick is still on?. If you think such a lipstick does not exist, you have to try the Inglot HD lip tint matte because the inglot HD lip tint matte is all that you want in a lipstick.  I give it 5/5, highly recommended.

So do you like liquid lipsticks? Which is your favorite liquid lipstick?



thebeautymascot/ hoola


The Hoola from benefit cosmetics is an award-winning and one of the top-rated bronzers in the beauty world. We have been hearing this and a lot more about hoola for a few years now.So is it really worth the buzz? Why should you really pay for a bronzer, which is expensive (come on! it cost AED 145 ) when you have so many affordable ones which are brilliant as bronzers in the market?  Hopefully all your doubts about the hoola bronzer will be cleared by the end of this post. So lets jump straight into my review of the hoola bronzing powder from benefit cosmetics. (more…)


Color Wow is a complete line of professional colour care products designed to keep your hair looking like it did the first day it was coloured.Color Wow features a comprehensive line of products including Root Cover Up, Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner, Pop & Lock Shellac, One Minute Transformation Styling Cream and Brass Banned Mousse.

Time Saving Hair Styling Tips


No matter your hair type, blow-drying with a brush from soaking wet is often not necessary and can actually be a waste of time. Instead, let your hair partially air dry or rough dry your hair, using just your fingers, but no brush, until you reach the “conversion point”. The conversion point is the moment that your hair goes from wet to dry, and the point when the new shape/texture gets locked in. So that’s when you need to grab your brush and begin to blow dry, section-by-section. Aside from being a great time-saver, this method also helps reduce the excessive pulling and tugging that can lead to breakage and damage.


If shampooing, conditioning, blow drying and styling are simply too much for you in the morning, wash your hair at night. Letting your hair air dry overnight reduces heat exposure, which can dehydrate hair and also accelerate colour fade. In the morning when you wake up and your hair is dry, if you have some unruly sections, use Color Wow One-Minute Transformation (75AED). Apply to any rough, frizzy sections and brush through with a flat brush. For very unruly areas, apply the cream to these sections. Then, using a round brush, give hair a quick hit from the blow dryer to create a more professional looking, blow dried look.

thebeautymascot/color wow


Think about it…your hairline and your crown are by far the most important sections of hair and therefore “the Crucial Zones”. If you’re blow drying your hair with a brush, focus on these sections, making sure they look the most polished. The hairline frames the face. The crown represents the top layers of your hair. By concentrating only on these areas, you can create a polished look in a fraction of the time. The perfectly blown dry hair on the top will fall over the frizzy, unruly hair underneath. The only hair showing will be the smooth, silky top layer. You can help give your hair a little oomph with Color WOW Raise the Root Thicken & Lift (140AED) for all-day lift, body and volume.

thebeautymascot/color wow


If you really want to cut down on drying time, you could cut your hair…or if you favour more practical solutions, you could use a product to speed up the process. Just be careful, about the product you choose. So many blow-dry sprays contain alcohol, which can be very detrimental to color-treated hair because it causes dehydration and makes it more susceptible to breakage. Color Wow Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray (140AED) is an alcohol-free, low pH formula that traps moisture inside hair and fills in the holes found on the surface of porous hair, to dry it faster, while making hair more flexible with an intense shine.


thebeautymascot/color wow


If your styling plans involve the curling iron, don’t worry about smoothing your hair first. The heat from the iron will do that and this will often result in a more natural texture.

Color WOW products are currently available from:

Dubai, UAE:        

  • The Dolls House, Dubai Ladies Club Jumeirah
  • The Dolls House, Al Barsha
  • Red Door Salon, Al Etihad Mall
  • The Loft Fifth Avenue, Wasel Vista
  • The Loft Fifth Avenue, Palm Jumeriah
  • The Loft Fifth Avenue, Dubai Mall
  • Beauty By Edge, Mercato Mall
  • Spaces Salon, Oasis Mall
  • The White Room, Motor City Dubai
  • The Blo Dry Bar, Motor City Oregano Building Dubai
  • Marquee, Lakes Club Emirates Hills
  • Sisters Beauty Lounge, Village Mall
  • Sisters Beauty Lounge, Mirdiff City Centre
  • Sisters Beauty Lounge, Mall of the Emirates
  • Sisters Beauty Lounge, The Dubai Mall
  • Allure Beauty Lounge, Sky Gardens
  • Allure Beauty Lounge, SZR
  • Hairworks, Meadows
  • Hairworks, Umm Sequim
  • Hairworks, Ibn Buttuta
  • Lavender Beauty Spa, Marjan Tower, JBR
  • Epic Beauty, Cluster S JLT
  • Plethora Hairlab, Palm Strip Mall
  • Bloomingdales, Dubai Mall
  • Harvey Nichols, Mall of the Emirates

Abu Dhabi, UAE:

  • House of Fraser, Mall
  • Plethora Hairlab, Tryano, Yas Mall
  • Anahata Spa, Khalifa City A
  • Sisters Beauty Lounge, Al Bateen Villa
  • Marquee, Eastern Mangroves

Sharjah, UAE:

  • Orchid Beauty Boutique, Sharjah Ladies Club

You can find out more about color WOW by visiting their website. (non-affiliate link)