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It’s 11:30 at night, she finally managed to put her toddler to bed and finally decided to hit the sack. Her husband who was lying on the bed and surfing his phone took a few seconds to study how tired his wife looked, so tired, her face was pale, her eyes (dark circles) if called panda eyes, poor pandas might feel heartbroken.After a few minutes, finally uttered those beautiful words, “Why  don’t you get some time for yourself, a spa day or something, I can take care of our li’l one” She could see heaven and hell at the same time, but yes a relaxing spa day sounds great, she thought! But Mr.husbands offer might be valid only for a day maybe, he can change his mind by tomorrow. Oh No! it is already 11:45 and how can she get something for tomorrow. Her face which was lit like lighting millions of 1000w bulbs now began to doom.

Okay, Okay! I know that is the most boring story you might have heard, but my dear Stay-at-home mums can definitely relate to such a situation, I guess. At least in my case, it happens. Most people think (the people who don’t have kids or are not even married) the only thing what a SAHM mom has to do is eat popcorns and watch television when they get bored of sleeping. Well if you are someone who thinks that too then surprise! surprise! these things sometimes don’t even happen in our lives. So a visit to a beauty center/salon might not even be in our thoughts. But when a situation like the aforementioned occurs, it should not be missed, right?. It is then that, websites like Vaniday can act as lifesavers, well almost.

What is Vaniday

Let Vaniday find your perfect match: With an overwhelming choice of salons and spas in the UAE, it can be very time-consuming and difficult to find exactly what you are looking for i.e. which salon to visit, which stylist or therapist will meet your needs and which treatment is the best option for you. But not anymore! The Vaniday site ( not only lists salons and spas available in your chosen area, it also lets you review each salon or spa profile, look at pictures of their work, read detailed descriptions, take a look at customer reviews and ratings to really make an informed decision. With more than 750 salon and spa partners listed including some of the UAE’s best-known and award-winning brands, such as Sensasia, De La Mer Spa, Pastels Salon and Jacques La Coupe, the UAE’s leading professionals are only a click away!

This is what the Vaniday team says about themselves. It is basically a website which lets you choose from hundreds and thousands of beauty centers, salons or clinics, for both men and women, to find the ones which interest you the most and which is located in your area. The best thing about this website is you can book your appointment anywhere anytime. So basically according to my story, she can still make a booking at 11:45 and get an appointment for the next day itself. It just takes a few minutes, no phone calls required, just book through the site or app (yes, they also have an app) and just reach the salon for your preferred manicure/facial/makeup or whatever you choose to get done.

The easy steps of making a booking

Step1: Go to the website

You can get to the website by clicking this link or just google.

thebeautymascot/vaniday review

Step 2: Pick your preferred service and salon

This is the homepage of the Vaniday website. As you can see different categories like hair, nails, makeup etc are available from which you can easily find your preferred  beauty treatment/service. Just choose the one you prefer.

thebeautymascot/vaniday review

You can also find subcategories which help to choose the right beauty and wellness salon of your choice. You can also see the search bars, where you can easily type your preferred beauty service and location and they will help you find the best one for you. For example, I wanted to do a facial and my preferred location was Abudhabi, so I entered the data and the website showed results based on my search. You can also narrow the search by specifying what type of facial (or any other services) you want.

thebeautymascot/vaniday review

You can narrow your search even more by using your current city. I chose the Guinot prescription Facial to be doen at a beauty clinic in Abudhabi.

Step 3: Choose date and time

thebeautymascot/vaniday review

After choosing your preferred service, then you have to choose the date and time when you would like to get it done. The best part is even if you want a booking for the next day and you just remembered at midnight, yu still have hope.

thebeautymascot/vaniday review

Step4: Sign up if you haven’t already

Once you choose your preferred date and time, if you don’t have an existing account with Vaniday, next thing you have to do is create one. You can either connect with your facebook account or create an account using your email address. Since this was my first time (not last for sure) using Vaniday, I had to signup.

thebeautymasoct/vaniday review

Step 5: Payment, if you are willing to pay online.

Next step is payment. You can either choose to pay online or pay directly to the salon where you are getting your beauty service done.

thebeautymascot/vaniday review

As you can see from the above picture, there is a space for a voucher code, I received a voucher code from the Vaniday team in return for checking out their website, which I happily pasted on this space.Remember you can choose a promo code only if you choose to pay online.

thebeautymascot/vaniday review

If you have any special requests, you can also mention it.

thebeautymascot/vaniday review

And your booking is confirmed.

Step 6: Reach there on time!

Now for this step nobody is going to assist you, you have to get there. But it is completely hassle-free as you have made an appointment and paid the bill.

If you are unsure about the location of the salon, you can find it from the Vaniday website itself.  The team at Vaniday make all other arrangements, contact the salon and confirm your booking and also send you reminders. All you have to do is reach the salon on time.

I have booked Guinot prescription facial but later chose to do hydradermie facial. But there were no issues, I just had to pay the extra money.

Booking via Vaniday app

The steps are the same as using the website when you use the app too.

thebeautymascot/ vaniday review

Final verdict

Vaniday is a great online platform for your last minute spa/ salon booking. You can customize your search based on your location and preferred beauty service and choose from hundreds of beauty salons. You can also choose your therapist for the service. With technology as improved as this, you can book your beauty service/treatment anywhere anytime, all you need to do is what you love doing,  a few tapping on your phone and you have for yourself a very relaxing day!



**This is a sponsored post. But that doesn’t have anything to do with my review, it is 100% honest!**


Hello, my beautiful friends! How are you all doing?

thebeautymascot/lushemotiona lbrilliance eyeliner fantasy

We, ladies, are always obsessed with gold and sparkling stuff, be it jewelry, dresses or anything . Today I am going to speak about my experience trying out a gold eyeliner from one of my favorite brands Lush cosmetics. The whole idea seemed strange to me because Lush cosmetics boasts of their products being as close to nature as possible, then gold liner?. So honestly speaking, I expected the gold eyeliner to be more yellowish, less glittery and one which fades away really fast. To find out if that is the case and my experience in general, read further.

Product claims

The more fantastic, the better! Apply this quick-setting liquid gold liner for a brilliant, lustrous gold look that lets the world know you’re inspired. Fantasy’s no-smudge, quick-drying base means you can apply and get on with your day, and it won’t budge until you remove it. Fantasy is saturated with rich shimmering metallic pigments, ensuring a consistent color each time you apply. Fantasy; you’re allowed.

Vegan: Fantasy’s vegan formula means it’s free of all animal products!

No-smudge formula: Fantasy and Independent eyeliners feature a quick-setting, smudge proof base that dries immediately after application.

The finishing touch: Try pairing Fantasy with our gentle Eyes Right mascara for beautifully accented lashes.


Eyebright Infusion (Euphrasia officinalis) , Water (Aqua) ,Glyceryl Stearate , PVP , Hydroxyethylcellulose , Synthetic Fluorphlogopite , Titanium Dioxide , Iron Oxides , Ferric Ferrocyanide , Methylparaben , Propylparaben . *Occurs naturally in essential oils

Price and availability

Price is 90 AED for 5g and available at all Lush stores and online.

What I think about the Lush cosmetics emotional brilliance eyeliner

thebeautymascot/lush cosmetics emotional brilliance eyeliner

Let me begin by saying I truly love the name “Fantasy”, fantasy how awesome right?. The eyeliner comes in a cute little glass bottle which is transparent and gives a clear idea about the color of the eyeliner. It has a black screw cap with a brush/applicator at one end. The brush is so thin, which helps you in getting the most precise line.  The brush is not that long but its ok. The fine tipped brush is not only great for thin lines, you can make it thick, flick it out or do whatever you want with ease. The emotional brilliance eyeliner does not have any odor.

thebeautymascot/lush cosmetics emotional brilliance eyeliner

There are so many other shades available in the range,Fantasy is the gold one out of it. By gold, I mean real gooold ( Okay not real gold, you know what I mean), not just a yellow-ish eyeliner, but a lustrous gold, which sparkles and glitters. I have found most gold eyeliners to be more yellow than gold. But this one is the right amount of yellow with the right sparkle. Such a gorgeous gold! And what you see in the bottle is what you get on your eyes. It is also highly pigmented and sets super quick.

thebeautymascot/lush cosmetics emotional brilliance eyeliner

Speaking of the consistency, it has a thick but not-so-thick consistency (if that makes sense!). Glides on really well. The fine tipped brush makes it easy to work with.  Moreover, it is so comfortable to wear and not heavy nor sticky.

The staying power is yet another plus  of the emotional brilliance eyeliner by Lush cosmetics. It stayed on my eyelids for almost 6+ hours, after which I removed. My lids are extremely oily so this is definitely a plus!

It is also very easy to remove the eyeliner, just wash and gently rub with your fingers and it’s off. Waterproof makeup is good, but I like makeup which comes off so easily. But that does not mean it is not suitable for summers when you sweat a lot, you have to rub for removing.

thebeautymascot/lush cosmetics emotional brilliance eyeliner


thebeautymascot/lush cosmetics emotional brilliance eyeliner

Final verdict

The  Lush cosmetics emotional brilliance eyeliner in Fantasy  is a lustrous gold eyeliner which is highly pigmented, sets so quickly and lasts long. The brush is also fine tipped, so easy to get a precise line.

The beautiful gold eyeliner can not only be used as an eyeliner, you can use it as an eyeshadow, smudge it for a softer look, can be used for glitter cut crease and also on lips, yes lips! along with a lipstick of your choice for metallic lips.

I give it a 4.9/5 and I think you guys should give it a try if you are in a hunt for a gold eyeliner.

Have you guys used the emotional brilliance eyeliner from Lush cosmetics? If yes which is your favorite shade? Which is your favorite gold eyeliner?

Disclaimer: This was a birthday gift from Lush cosmetics, but my review is not affected by it and is 100% honest.











Now that I have brought a few changes in my skincare routine, when I look into the mirror I giggle even more (because I’m happy of course) My skin has improved so much over time. I don’t claim to have that perfect porcelain skin, but I’m happy with what I have. Today I’m talking about one product which has helped me a lot and which changed my face exfoliating game, the No7 beautiful skin deep pore purifier. Now that you already know I love this product let me tell you why, so read more to know what it is, what it does,  how it works, what to expect and what not to.

thebeautymascot/no7 beautiful skin deep pore purifier

Product claims

Beautifully poreless. A targeted cleanser to deeply clean and purify pores around the nose, forehead and chin. The innovative scrub tip gently exfoliates and unblocks pores by dissolving and lifting pore clogging dirt that can cause blackheads. It works to instantly tighten pores, remove excess oils and leave skin feeling incredibly clean. The advanced Poreless complex helps to visibly reduce pore size and regulate sebum production to reveal beautiful clear and healthy looking skin.

Availability and Price

Price of 50 ml is 85 AED and available at all boots stores and online at boots and amazon.

My review of the No 7 beautiful skin deep pore purifier

thebeautymascot/no7 beautiful skin deep pore purifier

Before even starting to talk about my experience with the No7 beautiful skin deep pore purifier, let me clarify one thing. I have already mentioned it exfoliates, but this is not your regular exfoliator. This one is for deep cleaning your pores. If you do not have much pronounced pores or blackheads, this one step can be skipped.

My previous post Collagen boosting homemade facemask which is a facemask  tighten the pores. I have also reviewed the ceramide collagen face mask from the face shop just recently. Both of these masks helps to tighten your pores, but there is no point of closing a pore when there is dirt or gunk inside it. So first step before tightening pores is removing the dirt from  clogged pores and this product has helped me a lot in it.

This deep pore purifier comes in a tube, which contains the main product which is a gel and at one end is a round applicator with bristles. I found the packaging quite intriguing and that’s the reason why I bought this product in the first place. The bristles/nodules are made of rubber, soft but not very soft. The nodules are firm enough to damage your skin (especially if you have sensitive skin) if pressed too hard, so remember to be gentle.

thebeautymascot/no7 beautiful skin deep pore purifier

You can turn the applicator of the tube to ON and OFF positions to get the product out. ON and OFF are clearly marked on the tube(anti clockwise ON and clockwise OFF). The gel comes out only if it is in ON position, which is great! You can give one point there itself as there is  absolutely no product leakage or wastage. One other advantage of this kind of design is that no used product goes back inside the tube.

To use is very simple. What you have to do is turn the applicator to ON position, squeeze a small amount of the product into the applicator. Now dampen your face and gently massage the product into your skin using the bristles in circular motions concentrating on areas where you have clogged pores. This is meant to be used on your forehead, chin and nose. It will lather up quite well. By saying that I don’t mean it creates a lot of foam, which it doesn’t; just a little foam and that is all you need. Wash your face with warm water once you are done. After this ensure the pack is turned to OFF position. You just need a small amount of the gel hence the product is going to last long. I have been using this one for a month now and I can go at least one more month without repurchasing. A slight relief to Mr. husband 😛

The gel contained inside the tube has no color, but has a really good scent. The smell is not so dominant , very faint smell in fact, but nice and sweet. I really like the smell. The applicator has the perfect size and shape. It is really easy to use , covers a good area and gets in to all areas well. Easy to use even around the nose. It is also really easy to clean the applicator. Remember to clean the applicator with water and towel dry after every use.

Coming to the results, my skin feels squeaky clean after every use. You really get the feeling of a deep cleanse. And it really does help in unclogging pores, leaving it clean and far less pronounced. But remember, this deep cleanser does not give cent percent results just after first use. After first use my skin definitely felt clean and smooth but the real results started to show after about 3 uses. I use this product once every week, but it can be used twice a week according to the brand which I guess is ok. I like using this product at night as I do with any exfoliation.

Don’t be fooled, this is not a 100 percent perfect one. I have found some negative points too. Firstly, my skin turns slightly red after using this product which goes away after a few minutes. So I’m not sure if it will be a great one for sensitive skin. Secondly, I couldn’t find an ingredient list. I really would love to know what ingredients are used in the cleansing gel. Apart from this, I really love the product and love the results.

thebeautymascot/no7 beautiful skin deep pore purifier

Lets do a quick summary of the No7 beautiful skin deep pore purifier

In love with

  • The design of course. The applicator has the perfect size and shape.
  • Deep cleanses.
  • Unclogs pores leaving it clean and less visible. Your skin feels squeaky clean with fewer blackheads.
  • No leakage or product wastage.
  • Good quality for the price.
  • Contains no microbeads that is responsible for polluting the oceans.
  • Lasts for a very long time.

Not in love with

  • Skin turns slightly red, so maybe not good for sensitive skin.
  • Ingredient list is missing.

thebeautymascot/no7 beautiful skin deep pore purifier

Overall verdict

I really love the No7 beautiful skin deep pore purifier.After using this my skin really feels like getting a deep cleansing treatment from a spa, so squeaky clean! I give it a rating of 4.8/5 and really think you guys should give it a try!

Have you used the no7 beautiful skin deep pore purifier? Did you like it? Which is your favorite product from No7?