Hey my lovelies? How are you all?

I have been busy with a lot of things. So many things happening in my life right now. I also did an Instagram giveaway, my first ever giveaway. So all things are going well. During my recent Sephora visit to get the products for the giveaway, I gifted myself the Makeup forever artist face color palette. So let me share everything I know about this palette and my experience using it.

Product claims

Reveal your inner artist! Customize your palette with this refillable range of pressed face powders in highlight, sculpt and blush shades.

Choose your palette size, then customize to your needs by mixing and matching your favorite highlight, sculpt and blush shades. Artist Face Color’s unique formula features atomized pigments providing intense color payoff that blend and diffuse for a natural result. The super-fine powder melts into skin while also seamlessly layering for a natural, long lasting finish. Available in matte, shimmer and pearl finishes across 34 highlight, sculpt and blush shades, Artist Face Color provides endless ways to enhance and define your features for your desired result.

Price and availability

80 AED ($25) for each. Available at Sephora and Makeup forever stores.

Makeup forever artist face color palette

thebeautymascot/make up for ever artist of color palette

Let me tell you what the limited edition Makeup forever Artist face color palette is. It is a customizable palette, which you can build from 34 blush, sculpt and highlight shades . You can choose a blush, contour and a highlighter and you can totally customize the palette, depending on your skin color and preference. This is not like the other palettes which come according to your light, medium or skin tone, Makeup forever has gone a step further and lets you choose what works best for your own complexions. You can also choose from matte, shimmer and pearl finishes.

The 34 shades can be bought separately too if you wish. Also a palette for two shades is available. I have the trio.

The palette is a  magnetic palette which is black. Looks classy, sturdy and is so convenient. Great when travelling as you don’t have to carry them individually. This has a mirror, a good one unlike most mirrors coming with other makeup products. The size is so perfect, fits inside your purse. So you can carry it everywhere you go.

I really love the formula, super smooth and buttery soft. No or very little kickback. The pigmentation is brilliant. Blends well into the skin and into each other. Does not emphasis any dryness or texture on skin.

Now let me talk more about the shades I got. The blush shade I got is B314, Highlighter shade  H106, sculpting shade S118. The shade numbers are mentioned at the back of each pan. Blush B314 is a warm coral shade with a satin finish. Such a beautiful shade. H106 is one of the best highlighter shades available especially for medium skin tones, a warm gold with a metallic finish. So so pretty. S118 is a neutral brown shade with a matte finish. I, at first thought this shade was a wrong choice but this particular shade really gave that shadow kind of look, that we are looking for while contouring. Hence the results look almost natural.

All the three shades are pigmented, so use a light hand, especially while playing with the blush and the contour shade.The sculpting powder is matte, the blush has a little bit of sheen and the highlighter will give a glow that can be seen from moon. If you don’t want shimmer and sheen, you have matte options. So no reason to not buy this palette, my friends! The overall look is not too little or too much, just the right amount of color you need. Lasts all day and I am not kidding.

What I really like about the Makeup forever artist face color palette is that the formula is brilliant. Even if you are a beginner in makeup, this palette is super easy to work with, so you can easily play with it. And not messy, in the sense, very little kickback, blends superbly.

`thebeautymascot/make up for ever artist face color palette

thebeautymascot/make up for ever artist face color palette


thebeautymascot/make up for ever artist face color palette


What I love:

  • Small, easy to carry and convenient magnetic palette.
  • You can choose from 34 shades of blush, highlight and sculpting powder, totally customizable.
  • Smooth and soft texture.
  • Blends really well into the skin and with each other.
  • Easy to use.
  • No or very less kickback.
  • Great color payoff.

What I don’t like:

I cannot think of any. Yes you heard me right!!

Now do I love this or do I love this, I love it! Best sculpting palette I have used so far! Yes It’s that amazing. Do I recommend? Hell yeah! What are you still doing here? Get it!! I give it 5/5

Have you tried the Makeup forever artist face color palette? Which is the best sculpting product you have used so far?