the beautymascot/feny beauty diamond bomb all over diamond veilHey my gorgeous ladies! How are you all doing?

Today I am up with another review and today’s product is a very blinky glittery one. Come on! Who doesn’t love glitter?! I know you do. I am talking about a highlighter and trust me, this is not like your normal highlighters. And one word! Fenty beauty!! Okay those are two words but when it’s Fenty Beauty everyone has high hopes right! Don’t tell me you haven’t used any product from the brand, then start by trying out their Pro Filt’r foundation or Stunna lip paint or the diamond bomb all over diamond veil which I am talking about today. Oops! I spilled the beans and now you know I love this right. I mean it’s actually fun building up the suspence in the beginnning and be like is it good or bad read to know or something like that.

Product claims


Give it to me quick:

A one-of-a-kind diamond-dusted highlighter that applies like a 3D glittering veil, delivering pure, show-stopping sparkle all over the face and body.

Tell me more:

Ice yourself in insane diamond-dusted sparkle. Diamond Bomb takes glitter to a whole new extreme in a shimmering 3D formula that’ll leave your face and body crystal-coated, the way only Rihanna knows how. Celebrate one glittering year of Fenty Beauty with this all-over sparkler that will make you look and feel like a million bucks. Diamond Bomb features a unique jelly-powder formula that’s bouncy, cool to the touch, and melts into skin like butter. This highlighter is loaded with 100% pure brilliance to create an all-glitz-no-grit finish that decks out every skin tone. Plus, all of this glittery goodness comes in a faceted jewel-like compact you’ll never want to put down.

Fenty Beauty is 100% cruelty free.



Price and Availability

Price $38 Available at Sephora 

Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb All Over Diamond Veil

I honestly even didn’t think about getting this. But when I went to Sephora and saw this beauty I was so much in love and when I swatched it I almost died! So so beautiful and I had to get it!

Let’s first start talking about the gorgeous, gorgeous and very gorgeous packaging. Very sparkly, blush-pink mirror like outer packaging with a polygon shape. The packaging is non-magnetic but closes with a simple click. Compact with a mirror. Truly jewel-like compact. Even the box in which the compact comes is so beautiful. Comes in a limited edition glitter box with a diamond graphic.The highlighter is most beautiful looking. Looks white (greyish white) and sparkles like a diamond. After opening the packaging you are sure to believe this is going to look greyish on the face too. But honestly it doesn’t. It is pure glitter, micro and fine glitter just like fine dust of fairy dust. The base is translucent so its just glitter.

I prefer highlighters that look wet. So I always apply a liquid highlighter underneath my powder ones. But this one delivers just that without any liquid highlighters underneath. It makes skin look wet.

The highlighter has a velvety soft and bouncy texture. It melts right into the skin. Gives a powder finish and no sticky feeling at all. Now when I said its pure glitter and gives powder finish, you might think its going to be everywhere but there is not much fly off. Very pigmented. Just one swipe of the product is all you need for that shimmery highlight. It feels so light weight when applied on the skin.

Perfect for most skin types and texture. But this one might not be for you if you prefer very subtle highlight. This is quite subtle but sparkles so beautifully. No you are not going to look like a disco ball, trust me its so pretty. But if you don’t prefer glitter this is not for you.

The brand suggests using this all over the face underneath your foundation. Now I won’t recommend doing so. Then there are chances of you looking like a disco ball. Applying this on the brow bone, inner corner of the eye and cupids bow also (just as any other highlighters) looks so so pretty, prettier than any other highlighters I have used so far. I also use it as an eye shadow whenever I don’t have much time to do eye makeup and it looks so pretty as an eye shadow too. A very beautiful and sparkly eye shadow. You can also use this as a body highlight especially if you are heading to an event or something like that. Looks so beautiful on the body especially when light reflects, it is stunning.


What I like the most

  • The prettiest packaging.
  • Pure glitter, looks so beautiful on the skin.
  • The powder is very finely milled.
  • When worn it feels weightless and melts into the skin.
  • A little goes a long way.

What I don’t like:

Nothing at all. I just love it.

Overall, I honestly think that the Fenty beauty Diamond Bomb All Over Diamond Veil is the mother and father (brother and sister and uncle and aunt and whoever matters) of all  highlighters. The highlighter is so beautiful just one swipe and you have this beautiful glitter which shines so beautifully as diamond dust. Stays there for the whole day. You definitely need to own one! Or gift this to someone who loves makeup, I am sure they will like it. I highly recommend this product!



thebeautymascot/fenty beauty diamond bomb all over diamond veil
thebeautymaascot/fenty beauty diamond bomb all over diamond veil