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Are you familiar with the term “baking” or “cooking” your make up . If you follow a lot of makeup artists on instagram or any other social medias, you might definitely be aware of what baking or cooking of make up really is. You might already be doing the baking of make up( may be every day). Or you might have tried baking your make up atleast once because baking of make up is a huge trend now. No wonder as Kim Kardashian’s make up artist informed us he use the technique on her. Since no one can beat them at the contour game, we must believe it.

As I am a mommy, my darling baby and her things always inflence me in one way or other. The idea of using baby powder for baking of make up struck me when I was writing my previous post 30 beauty hacks using baby products. But I didn’t want to write about it before trying it out. Now I have been using the baking technique using baby powder for a couple of times and I am extremely happy how it turned out to be.

Why you must be baking your make up

If you are in doubt about trying out the baking of make up, lets first understand why the baking is a really cool technique. And once you are convinced aabout how amazing the baking or cooking is,we will move on to find out how it is done using baby powder.

You must be doing the baking thing because:

  • You can cover even the darkest dark circles. Even if your concealer has less coverage, its fine, this technique covers them completely.
  • No concealer creasing at all. Creasing happens if you have lines under your eyes, but when using the baking technique for your make up, it disappears.
  • The concealer stays there for the whole day (and night), or at least longer than the usual time.
  • The area where you have baked remains matte all day long.
  • Worried about those large pores? Not any more, because the baking of make up technique covers them up.

How to do baking of make up using baby powder

It is not a big task. Its super easy. Just follow the few steps mentioned below for that picture perfect, oil-free, poreless skin. It also works by brightening the under eye area.

Step 1: Moisturizing 

Start by applying your eye cream under your eyes to hydrate the area. I apply eye primer after this which minimizes the appearance of fine lines or creases.

Step 2: Apply concealer

Any under eye concealer which you normally use works fine. Apply the concealer under your eyes, in the form of triangle of course, and blend  it using a damp make up sponge. Even if the concealer has less coverage, no issues as the baking will cover it any ways. Most make up artists use a second layer of concealer too for better results. But I am happy with just the first layer. If you are okay with layering tons of products on your face, then try that, the results are beautiful.

Step 3: Bring on the baby powder

Using a brush apply lots of baby powder over the concealer. I like how funny I look after this step and my baby loves my funny face. Now you have to keep it for 5-10 minutes. The whole point of doing this is to allow your body heat to set your foundation and concealer. But remember you have to apply alot of baby powder.

Step 4: Finish-off rest of your make up while baking is in progress

Now while your make up is baking, do the rest of your make up. Finish your eye make up and lip make up. But its okay if you have done it already or wish to do it later on. I simply like to do this otherwise I have to waste a lot of time baking and then doing rest of my make up.

Step 5: Dust the baby powder off

Take a fluffy brush and take some pressed powder on the brush. Now using the brush dust off the baby powder and viola! your baked!

The baking technique is an awesome one, no doubt. But have you tried using baby powder for baking your make up If not do try it out and let me know the results. If it worked for a sleep-deprived mombie mommy like me, it will definitely work for you.




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  1. This article is true, but isnt for all skon types! I am a Cosmetologist and I bake my make up (1-3xs weekly) and bake other clients make up especially for long special events (weddings, prom, birthdays, etc) and this method has yet to fail me..I dont use baby powder on clients either…although I prefer to use a translucent setting powder (RCMA) this baby powder method can work also! But beware…sensitive skin and very textured skin…this method can create an issue with breakouts & showing texture if not done correctly! Also…idk if Id wanna constantly layer baby powder on my face!? But fortunately being a fellow Mombie/Mommy..haha…Ive had products and the chance to test this method and it does def work if you run out of your wayyyy too expensive setting poweder! Love that you published this article!!!

    • I just recently recovered from having acne and I would like to try this. I recently ran out of my setting powder and I have to wait a couple of days to get it. Would it hurt if I used this method every once in awhile?

      • If you just recovered from acne, then it is not advisable to use baby powder. In fact, I think you must keep away from very heavy makeup and too much layering of makeup for some time. Good day!

    • Hey Brookelynne! I totally agree with you! But I must also add that baking and adding extra layers itself is not great for our skin. It looks beautiful though! And I strongly recommend not doing this every day even with translucent powder. But I believe baking once in a while for some special events or something similar is a great idea and when you run out of translucent powder one can try using baby powder as it works. Anyways thanks again for your helpful comment.

  2. Lovely article i must comment! The issue I have with the baby powder is that it leaves your face looking all white cast,rather than the yellow cast after dusting. Don’t know if anyone has noticed this too.

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