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The Hoola from benefit cosmetics is an award-winning and one of the top-rated bronzers in the beauty world. We have been hearing this and a lot more about hoola for a few years now.So is it really worth the buzz? Why should you really pay for a bronzer, which is expensive (come on! it cost AED 145 ) when you have so many affordable ones which are brilliant as bronzers in the market?  Hopefully all your doubts about the hoola bronzer will be cleared by the end of this post. So lets jump straight into my review of the hoola bronzing powder from benefit cosmetics.

The Hoola bronzing powder review

First thing first, lets start with the packaging. The packaging of the hoola bronzer is not a classy one,I agree. But to be frank I love the packaging. I guess you can’t think of a better packaging when you hear the name hoola! A quirky packaging for a quirky name, HOOLA! The box packaging is a flip-open type and in shape of a box.


Thebeautymascot/ Hoola


Once you open the cute little box, the first thing which comes to your sight is the blue colored brush. Aww! it is so cute! The brush is so convenient to use and nicely shaped. Unlike the brushes which comes with most bronzers, this is something you can really use to contour, not blending though. Love the soft bristles of the brush, but its sad they have used animal hair. If this downside is neglected, the brush is amazing, small and cute, easy to carry, creates perfect contour lines, soft and gentle on skin. Next thing which you notice when the hoola box is opened will be the small mirror. Very useful for touch ups, I must say.

Now that we are done with admiring the beautiful blue brush and the small mirror, lets move ahead to the real thing. Once you remove the brush you see a medium brown, not too dark, not too light, bronzing power, which is deeply and carefully set inside the box. Coming to the texture, I love the texture of the hoola bronzer, more creamy than powdery. No, I am not saying it has a cream texture, but the particles are so finely milled that it does not feel like a powder. When applied on skin it blends beautifully that even if you are new to contouring you can easily work with this one as it blends really well with the foudation, no harsh lines (hurray!) Another good thing about the hoola bronzer is that it is super-matte, not even the lightest shimmer. The advantage of being matte is that it looks very natural on the skin, which also means no cakey or muddy look.


Thebeautymascot/ Hoola


I love the pigmentation too. The bronzing powder is not too dark, so you can bulid up the intensity of the color by applying more powder if you prefer.You can start by applying a little powder and if required use more powder for more definition and the greatest contour. So no overdoing. I don’t always choose to contour, especially with a one year old around me, so what I do is, I just swipe a very little hoola on my cheek bones and nose to give a slight definition to it. I also like to multitask with it by using the hoola bronzer as an eyeshadow either all over my lids or on my crease. Okay I do that with all bronzers, but hoola makes it look more natural. Perfect for natural looking or no make up make up. I sometimes also use it on my entire face and what it does is it gives a polished look to my face.


Thebeautymascot/ Hoola


I have a fair to medium complexion and this one works so well with my skin tone. I have seen it also works great for pale skin beauties. Not sure about the dark skinned beauties though, but I think it will work well for them too.

The staying power of the hoola bronzer is yet another great thing about the it. I have worn this for about 8-10 hours and it stayed their beautifully.

So for those of you who hate to read a long post, let’s sum up only the goods and bads of the hoola bronzing powder.

In love with:

  • Good pigmentation.
  • Long staying power.
  • Blends really well.
  • Has a very useful and convenient brush.
  • Easy to carry, just toss it in your bag.
  • Quirky packaging.
  • Matte formula.
  • Gives a natural look without being cakey or muddy.
  • A shade which suits almost all skin tones.
  • Perfect for beginners.

Not in love with:

  • Some of you might not want to spend so much for a bronzer, but truly speaking, this bronzer is well worth it. So I don’t mind.

The Hoola bronzing powder from benefit cosmetics is my favorite bronzer till date. So I give it 5/5. Highly recommended.

Have you tried the Hoola bronzing powder? Or are you planning to get it? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about it!







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    • Yes it is a sizzler 😀 And yes unique packaging. Actually all products from benefit has unique packaging, love them all!

    • I am sure you will love the hoola bronzer too! Thank you Gressa for your feedback, I will update the post with showing the swatch soon 🙂

  1. Love yo Review on the Bronzer?? I’ve recently purchased the Hoola Bronzer and a few other amazing goodies from the Benefit collection.
    Love the way it blends and defines my cheekbones, giving me a natural contour makeup look. Will definitely be my go to Bronzer from now on.

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