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Hello lovely people! How are you all doing?

Just as I was planning to write this post, some old memories flashed into my mind. I first bought a mascara mistaking it to be an eyeliner and had no idea how to use it. I felt so sorry for myself even after figuring out how to use the mascara because I was like “Why in the world would anyone use this thing on their lashes”. Stupid, I know! But now, just like you, I can’t live without my mascara.

Now you can obviously tell that today I am going to talk about a mascara (okay genius they have already figured it out from the title). Today’s review is the Marc Jacobs velvet Noir volume mascara. This product was not purchased by me,  this product was sent to me by Influenster. But as always this has nothing to do with my review, which is only based on my experience trying this.

thebeautymascot/marc jacobs velvet noir mascara review

Product claims

The lash-maximizing, curvy brush places the most volume at the hard-to-reach center lash line, and the defining tip styles lashes for major drama. The ultra-concentrated black pigment delivers the greatest visual impact, and the flash volume complextm creates instant, smudge-free length and volume in three strokes or less.

Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara gives you the thickest lashes in a blink. This majorly volumizing mascara delivers instant volume for your most epic lashes yet.

How to Get the Instant Look of False Lashes (in three strokes or less!)
– Apply Velvet Noir in multiple coats, while wet, for maximum volume. Use the tip of the mascara want to separate, define and style lashes.

Price and Availability

$26 and available at their Website and also Sephora

My thoughts about Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara 

thebeautymascot/Marc jacobs velvet noir mascara review


The first thing which attracted me when I first saw the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Volume Mascara was the black, sleek and stylish packaging. Very classy and pretty. The next thing that would grab anybody’s attraction is the wand, which has a somewhat hour glass like shape. Don’t ask me why, but something about the brush made me feel that this kind of brush would be great and I am not wrong.The brush glides on very easily on the lashes, covers all the lashes very well,including the smaller ones. The brush is easy and very comfortable to use.

thebeautymascot/Marc jacobs velvet noir mascara review

But what I like the most about the Marc Jacobs velvet noir mascara is the intense black color of the mascara, very black.The Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara has quite thick, not watery but creamy formula.The mascara applies without clumping. It lengthens, curls and gives my lashes volume. Just one swipe itself delivers great results, but you can easily layer it. Gives that fluttery and full lashes. Does not smudge, smear or flake off throughout the day. It lasts through out the day. But remember this mascara is not water-proof, I honestly don’t prefer water-proof ones as they are very difficult to remove and by trying to remove it, you are going to weigh down some of your precious lashes, that’s so dreadful. The mascara comes off easily with miceller water or oil or any makeup removers.

Most mascaras give your lashes a rigid and thick feeling, if you know what I mean, of course you do! Most mascaras especially the volumizing ones gives that feeling, but this does not. This feels so comfortable.

The only disadvantage  what I can come up with is that, the wand picks a lot of product, so you have to take care about that, otherwise your lashes might be clumpy. If you just ignore that this cute one is a keeper 😛

thebeautymascot/Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara Revew

Final verdict

In love with:

  • Beautiful, classy packaging.
  • Hour glass shaped wand, which is easy to use.
  • Very black.
  • Thick lengthened and curled lashes.
  • Does not smudge, smear or flake off.
  • Lasts all day (and night)
  • Creamy texture.
  • Very comfortable on lashes.
  • Very easy to remove.

Not in love with:

  • The wand might carry too much product, so might end up clumpy if not taken care of that.

Overall, I think the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara is one of my current favorite ones and why not, makes my lashes look fluttery and full. So girls! you have two choices, either watch and get envious of my fluttery and full lashes or get your Velvet noir mascara and get yours! I rate it 4.7/5.


Hello my dear friends! How are you all?

One thing everybody complains about me is that I take long hours inside the washroom . There were people actually asking what I did inside 😛 But that’s until my baby came and now I no longer have time for such long showers/baths. That’s a different story. But if you know me you know, if you are stressed I will say go and take a bath, if you are tired I would say go get a bath. Meaning bath is one ultimate solution for a lot of problems in my case.

Now, how can you blame me when there are such amazing bath products available in the market. But you know what, now you have something not only to make your bath experience awesome but if you are more of a shower kind of person,then to make your shower magical too. I am talking about the bath and body works CocoShea honey bath and shower jelly and you will know why.

thebeautymasot/bath and body works coco shea

Product claims

CocoShea blends two of nature’s most nourishing ingredients — vitamin-packed cocoa butter + rich, moisturizing shea butter — for the ultimate collection of skin-loving formulas. Fun and pampering, our ultra conditioning bath & shower jelly lathers into a creamy foam and conditions as it cleanses to leave skin looking and feeling soft and healthy.

Price and availability

$16.50 for 8oz. Available at all Bath and body works store.

My review of the CocoShea honey bath and shower jelly

thebeautymascot/bath and body works coco shea

The Bath and body works CocoShea honey bath and shower jelly is from the CocoShea collection which has just been launched. These products mainly contains Cocoa butter and Shea butter, and you might have already guessed these are definitely going to moisturise your skin. Comes in three variants- pure honey, coconut oil and cucumber. I actually thought of reviewing the shower jelly and body lotion together. But hey, this jelly is so special I decided to do a separate post!

And my sweethearts, its not gel its JELLY!! The formula is completely new for Bath and body works. I wouldn’t say the jelly thing is new , Lush has a jelly soap the name of which I forgot, not exactly the  same formula but similar.

This one comes in a honey jar kind of packaging which is transparent, apt for the honey based product. The scent of this is to die for, at least for me. Has a very sweet smell from which you can make out the fragrance of honey easily. So divine..mmm….The fragrance lasts for about 2-3 hours. If you are obsessed like me you can sniff your body even after that and there is still a faint fragrance and that faint fragrance lasts some time.

Coming back to the formula, the product is all bouncy and squishy. So much fun to play with. Take a small amount on your finger tips and massage onto damp skin. Lathers into a super soft foam. I don’t know if my description sounds boring to you but the actual procedure is so much fun. I actually thought I might need a lot of the product (considering the fancy texture and fun) but to my surprise you need only a very small amount. Oh yeah! It’s going to last quite some time. Yay!

Leaving aside all the fun and fanciness, let’s talk about the cleansing part. After all the main purpose of this is to clean right! Honestly speaking I thought it wouldn’t be good enough in terms of cleansing. But it proved me wrong again and scored ten on ten. Yes, does a wonderful job there too. If you ask me if it dries your skin, then my darlings remember I told you this whole range is about moisturising and nourishing the skin so no drying at all. Since this contains Shea butter, cocoa butter and honey, three perfect ingredients for moisturising your skin, it leaves your skin soft and supple.

One more thing, the first time I started using this I dropped it by mistake and I thought the jelly texture would be distorted (you know what happens to jelly right?) but to my surprise after a while it returned to the normal condition. Even if you shake vigorously or scoop out a lot of product to create a hole, the product ultimately returns back  just like it has been untouched. Now I like that too!

I am totally loving this!

Warning: Even though this is a brilliant product, there are certain issues. Firstly there are chances that you might take more time in the shower than you normally did. Second one is that your hubby/bro/friend or whoever stays with you will definitely steal it from you so hiding it will be a good idea!

thebeautymascot/bath and body works coco shea

thebeautymascot/bath and body works coco shea

thebeautymascot/bath and body works coco shea


In love with:

  • The jelly texture, which makes the experience an amazing one.
  • Cleans really well.
  • Non drying, leaves skin soft and supple.
  • Contains Cocoa butter and Shea butter for moisturising and nourishing the skin.
  • Lovely scent.
  • You need only a small amount.

Not in love with:

Nothing at all! Totally in love with it!

The bath and body works CocoShea honey bath and shower jelly is my current obsession! It has made my bath/shower experience awesome while cleansing my skin well and leaving it soft and touchable. I give it 5/5 and I would say go and get it! Highly recommended!

Have you used the CocoShea honey bath and shower jelly? What are your thoughts about the new range? Which is your favourite product from Bath and body works?