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If you have been to the Jumeirah Lake Towers, you might already be in love with this part of Dubai, with beautiful man-made lakes, pedestrian-friendly walkways, some of  Dubai’s amazing spas for both men and women and a huge number of cafés and restaurants serving cuisines from around the world. Each time I see the lakes, I am awestruck by its beauty and wonder how real they look! If you haven’t  paid a visit to this latest hotspot  of Dubai, its high time now! I will give you one other fantastic reason why JLT must be in your weekend plans.Today I am going to talk about a hidden gem in the JLT, a white one (Haha) The White Room Spa.

The White Room Spa is located at the lake-side of Al Seef tower 3 in cluster U of the JLT. White Room Spa has two other locations too, in Dubai Marina and also Motor city.I think the JLT branch is the best since they have more treatments available in this branch and the beauty of the JLT adds to your experience.

Once you enter the main entrance of the White Room Spa, you find a very small reception where two beautiful girls are always ready to give their best smiles and help you out wherever possible. There are a number of nail polishes in all possible shades arranged in rows near the reception. They have nail paints from Essie and Ciaté London.


thebeautymascot/white room spa
The Beautiful Receptionist

thebeautymascot/white room spa


To the left of the reception is a door which opens to the mani-pedi stations. The moment you step inside the spa, you get a calm and relaxed feeling! Mainly due to the beautiful and serene interiors which is mostly white (as the name indicates), white walls, white marble floors and white furniture. The cute pink pillow on top of the  white leather couches add a pop of color. There are a very few products placed neatly on the rack and some towels stacked beautifully which are again white.


thebeautymascot/white room spa
The door opens…

thebeautymascot/white room spa


We know a great ambiance is so important for a spa, it instantly  lifts up your mood and makes your spa experience even more special. The White Room Spa scores full points in it, the whole setup is simple, everything so neat and tidy. There is a certain amount of tranquility all over. The white everything  does the trick.


thebeautymascot/white room spa


Facial treatment at the White Room Spa

I had an appointment for two treatments, a facial and a manicure. The first treatment I received was a very rejuvenating facial,the Le Grand Classique facial treatment, which is a fundamental facial to indulge in once a month to keep the skin healthy and in top condition.

Price for the facial is 350 AED and takes 90 minutes.

The facial was done in a therapy room (obviously) which is a darker room with very dim light! Now we all want it to be dark. The walls are covered by tiles which are brown and dark brown, everything in the room was neatly kept . I loved the big mirror in the room.


thebeautymascot/white room spa
The therapy room

Thebeautymascot/white room spa


The best thing about the White Room Spa is that they use products from the Yon-ka Paris range for their treatments. Yon-Ka is a spa favorite and many hollywood actors swear by it. Yon-ka products are made of ingredients like thyme, lavender, rosemary and geranium essential oils blended with plant extracts. So you can assume the treatment is going to be so energizing and refreshing and not to mention the soothing experience due to the aromatic essential oils.

My facial was done by Ella and she is excellent at it. She started of by giving a short massage to my hands using the soothing Yon-Ka range. Then she asked me to inhale the product which smelled something like menthol and  was so soothing and relaxing. She then removed my make up and then using a cleanser thoroughly cleaned my face. She then used a toner, and later a scrub, which I really loved because it had no granules or particles, nothing at all.  After about two minutes Ella removed the scrub (and also the dead skin cells) by peeling off gently. Next step was exfoliation  followed by blackheads/whiteheads extraction. The next step is my favorite, a relaxing massage for face, neck and neck line. And Ella’s one touch proves how experienced she is! The massage was so gentle, I felt so sleepy. Then she massaged the eye contours, which was much needed for a sleep-deprived mommy like me. After the massage,it was time for the mask. The mask was a purifying and hydrating mask. Once the mask was removed, a very hydrating moisturizer was massaged on to the skin.

The next highlight of this treatment was the neck and upper back massage after the face treatment. The massage relieved all my tensions and I was in pure tranquility. I liked that throughout the treatment Ella didn’t talk much. Now, who wants to talk  amidst a relaxing and pampering session. All we want is relax and relax. But Ella definitely  made it a point to let me know each step she was doing.  To be honest, I didn’t want the facial to end, I want to stay there forever.

Once I stepped out of the treatment room, I was a different person, more relaxed and calm. I almost forgot everything else. It was like meditation for my skin.

Results of the Le Grand Classique facial

After my  facial was done, my skin felt so refreshed and pampered. My skin was soft and smooth. Now that its been a few days after the session, my skin still feels soft, my skin tone is improved and my skin is glowing.



thebeautymascot/white room spa


Next I had to do my nails. I was taken to the manicure station and we are back to the sophisticated white world. A soothing music was playing which is a concentration production music. I loved the candles which were placed at the side of the mani-pedi stations. The whole set-up was mind blowing. Ritu did my nails and it was so pretty.  Ritu was a very friendly person and she really knows how to do her job well. Ritu also gave a hand and shoulder massage, which was so good.

Price for a manicure session is 65 AED and takes 30 minutes.


thebeautymascot/white room spa
I am so obsessed with candles!

Final verdict 

I really enjoyed the experience at the White Room Spa! The Le Grand Classique facial treatment was so refreshing and rejuvenating. My skin definitely felt pampered and is glowing till now. I also liked the neck and upper back massage which was complimentary. Speaking about the manicure, it was perfect and beautiful. The spa itself is a great experience! I highly recommend The White Room Spa Dubai.

If you prefer to know about all the treatments available or the location of the White Room Spa please check their website by clicking the link.

Disclaimer: I was invited as their guest to try out the treatments free of charge, but  the opinions expressed in this post are honest  and not influenced by the White Room Spa in any way.


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